Tackling Groceries and Keeping Your Sanity

Depending on your life schedule, you may like to run to the grocery store a few different times a week. I personal do not, nor do I have the time. Unless I absolutely need something mid-week, I wait for my Saturday morning trip into the city to get what I need. There are a lot of wonderful applications that you can use on your cell phone or iPad now that help you make and track your grocery lists. I find them extremely useful. When I come across something in my house that I need to buy I add it to my list. If you don’t have one of these high tech devices, the old fashion way works just as well – have a paper on your fridge and add to it during the week.

The night before my shopping trip, I’ll do a quick inventory check on my basic staples and add these items to my list if needed. If I’m writing my list out on a page, I tend to sort my list on the page in order to how the grocery store is organized. For example, most grocery stores tend to have their customers walk through the produce department first so the first items to make my list are my fresh fruits and veggies I’ll need for the week.
I’m also a chronic flyer shopper. I always watch my prices and I know when something is a good deal. If I find something a higher price than normal, I’ll either try finding a cheaper substitute or not get it at all.

Also keep your eyes open for coupons, even if it’s only 50 cents. The money is better in your pocket then the manufacturers. If you do have a coupon, write it on your list so know you need to dig it out when you get up to the cash. Some stores also offer price matching. If you bring in one of their competitor’s flyers showing an item on sale at their store, they will match that price. This saves you money and the time it takes a trip to the other store down the street!
I like to do my shopping first thing Saturday mornings – I find it takes less time as the crowds are still small. I don’t have to navigate around people going down the aisles, all the fresh produce has already been taken out and the lines at the cash are small, or do not exist at all. If you’re organized, you can get this painful chore over and done as quickly as possible.

If you have children in tow, make sure you pack drinks and snacks for when they start to complain they are hungry and they know the McDonalds is right down the street from where you’re shopping. This tip alone will save you a ton of money and time. Not to mention the snack brought from home will most likely be a lot healthier than what you would get at a fast food restaurant. Don’t forget to pack something for yourself too!

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