Organize your Crisper

One of the biggest time savers and the best way to get your family to eat healthy is to wash and cut your veggies as soon as you come back from the grocery store. How many times have you heard your family say “There’s nothing to eat”. What they really mean is, “I’m lazy and there’s nothing readily available for me to eat.” If you take a bit of time to chop the veggies up (ie. Broccoli, cauliflower, celery) and package them up into serving size portions, your family is sure to grab them. Another thing I like to do on the weekend is put a tray of veggies together with dip and cheese, crackers, pickles – a bunch of healthy snacks. When the kids are in the mood for a snack or we’re watching a movie, I’ll take the tray out. They think it’s a fancy treat and I get them to eat veggies instead of a bowl of chips.

I tend to buy the baby carrots as they are ready to serve – no peeling, no cutting. Just rinse and go. If you buy the bags of whole carrots, take the time to peel and chop them up into ready to eat pieces. You should be able to keep carrots for a while in the fridge. If the carrots start to get a little white, add some water to the bag. That will keep the carrots nice and crisp and ready to eat at any time.

Although I don’t usually can’t keep cut up celery for more then 3 days, you can keep celery crisp for weeks. When you buy your celery grab two plastic bags to keep them stored in. When you get home, wrap the celery completely in paper towels and place the celery back in the plastic bags, covering each end with a plastic bag, overlapping in the middle.

Do you enjoy fresh beans? Do you find they get limp after only a few days in the fridge? Using a similar technic as with the celery, you can keep your beans nice and crisp. Start with a large freezer ziplock bag. Line the inside of the bag with paper towels placing the beans in the middle of the paper towels. They’ll stay fresh for weeks!

This is another fantastic vegetable to keep on hand in the fridge but sometimes there’s a couple days between the time you buy it and decide to eat it. Keep your asparagus longer by placing the buddle in a bowl or cup of water and keep in the fridge. It’s basically like keeping them watered. They will continue to absorb the water until you’re ready to eat.

I tend to leave fruit whole and unwashed in the fridge. Once you start cutting into it or if you wash it, it immediately starts to turn soft. If you would like to separate berries or grapes into portion sizes, snack size baggies work beautifully but wash the fruit the morning you plan on eating the fruit.

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