Every Day Domestic Chores = Free Hotel Accommodations

priority-cardDo you like to travel with your family but find the prices of hotels expensive at the best of times? If you collect Air Miles and would like to cash in your points for free hotel accommodations, please read on!

I LOVE to collect Air Miles. I play the system every chance I get. I have my banking through BMO which gives me air miles every time I used my debit card. I also have the BMO Air Miles Master Card – which also lets me earn points every time I use it. (Just make sure you pay off your balance each month!) I also try to buy my gas at Shell where I can use my Air Miles card AND use my credit card. In a sense, I’m double dipping. I’m earning twice the number of points with the same purchase. There are a number of different stores that allow you to do this.

You can also shop online through the Air Miles website. If you know you’re going to place an order online anyhow, look to see if the Air Miles website has a link to your destination web site. You will earn points just by clicking over to your destination web site when you make your purchase.

So now that you’ve worked hard to earn all those Air Miles, what are you going to do with them? First you can start with the Air Miles website and see if you can find free hotel accommodations through their web site.

But you do have alternatives!! You can transfer Air Mile points over to Priority Club. If you do decide to transfer your points, there are a few bonus perks. Hotels have “free rooms” allocated to different reward programs, so if they do not have any rooms for Air Miles, they may have them for Priority Club Reward Members.

Being a Priority Club Reward Member also gives you access to discounted hotel rates on their web site. Another bonus.
Also, but if you transfer over enough Air Miles to your Priority Club Rewards, you’ll earn “Platinum” Member status. I’ve redeemed enough Air Miles for 3 free hotel nights in the past 12 months and am now a Platinum member.
Now, are you ready for this? This Platinum status gives you access to a FREE room upgrade, if it’s available. And you’ll also earn Priority Club points more quickly. But you have to ask for this room upgrade.
There are a lot of other benefits too. You can find them on the Priority Club Reward Member web site.
Another bonus about the Priority Club Reward membership, the points do not expire. Unlike the Air Miles points which now expiry 5 years after you’ve earned them. So start your Air Miles saving and start planning your next trip.

Happy Travels!!


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