Freezer Friendly Meals your Family will Love!

_DSC2813Every August I feel the need to stock pile food in my freezer for the winter. Maybe it’s the impending school year, maybe a need to be ready for the snowy winter months to come. Truthfully, you can do this any time of year you want to get ahead of the game. This is usually a 2 weekend process as tackling this over the course of 1 weekend would be completely insane.

I have a full up-right freezer that I like to get cleared out for the stock piling to begin. The first weekend I will go through all the food that is in the freezer. I tend to like to do this at least once a month anyhow. I will take an inventory of what is in my freezer and write it on a list. That way when it comes time to plan for meals, I know what I have in my freezer. I’ll throw out any freezer burnt mystery meat, defrost the entire freezer and clean it out well. Now it’s ready to be loaded full of yummy meals you can make ahead and pull out when you’re in a rush or just plain feeling lazy.

Here are some of the meals I like to make ahead of time:
• Perogies
• Meat pies
• Shepherd’s Pie (using the left over cheesy potato from the perogies and the meat from the meat pies)
Cheese cappelletti
Spaghetti sauce (use this for your cheese cap or lasagna if you’re making it at the same time)
• Chili
By this time of year, this is when I use up my frozen tomatoes in the spaghetti sauce.
These meals are super freezer friendly and will definitely be a family favorite. Stay tuned for the recipes!


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