Quick & Simple: Potatos for Dinner

baby potatos
Do you like potatos with your dinner but find it too time consuming to come home and peel potatos, cut them up then boil them? You’re first option would be to not peel your potatos. Rachel Ray calls these her smashed potatos. My family does not go for it… too many conflicting textures.
But a wonderful trick I have learned is to cook baby potatos! I find they have a longer shelf life as I can keep them in the fridge. And I tend not to have as many left overs as it’s easier to judge how many I really need to cook. Now the best part – I steam my potatos. They cook in half the time and because I’m steaming them, they keep more of their nutrients. Serve with a bit of butter or sour cream, and delicious!
Do you know you’re going to be eating potatos 2 nights in a row? Cook a double batch and keep the left overs in the fridge. These potatos are super yummy reheated in a frying pan with some olive oil, salt and pepper and fresh dill (if you have any). The outsides get nice and crispy.

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