Healthy Eating While at Work

Trays of Veggies
Are you trying to eat healthy? Or maybe you just love your fresh vegetables and dip? I find it a lot of work to cut up vegetables every single night for my lunch so I’ve learned a few tricks along the way.
On Sunday night, I’ll fill a HUGE tuperware container with enough veggies to last till Wednesday. The size will all depend on how many veggies you honestly think you can eat and the storage capacity of the fridge at work. (of course if you don’t have a fridge at work, you can still make single serving sized containers in batches and store them in your fridge so you’re good for a couple of days)

My trays always start with lots of baby or chopped carrots. Then I reach for the celery. Grape sized tomatos are also a great addition and last a long time. Cucumbers were always a bit tricky, but I found small cucumbers and I don’t cut them. I keep a little paring knife (with a cover) at my desk at work and I can cut up my cucumbers as I eat them. This concept also works well for peppers. I’m able to buy baby-sized peppers by the bag and love the shelf life of these peppers as well. Broccoli and cauliflower also have a good shelf life of a few days once they are cut. I tend to stay away from mushrooms, or if I do put some in the container, I make sure to eat them all on the first day.
Of course you’re not limited to just these vegetables, if they last a couple of days, you’re good to go and this is a great way to stay motivated to eat healthy!
Buy a container of hummus for dip, or actual vegetable dip to bring to work with you and you’re all set! Bring on the 10:00 am munchies!

Find more time saving tips for preparing lunches here!


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