Q&A: Do you feel you are a minimalist?

Answer: I am definitely NOT a minimalist. I am very sentimental and will hold on to things that remind me of a special event. BUT, I also recognize that too much clutter leads to disorganization. At least once a year, I do a complete purge throughout the house. Depending on what it is, I’ll decide whether I really need to keep it, or if it’s truly sentimental, I find a way to store it so it does not clutter up my house.
I will look through all my cupboards in my kitchen – if I have not touched a baking utensil in over 2 years, it goes into the donation box.
Most other parts of the house, if I have not used in over a year, it will be donated.
I also purchased a large storage unit for my living room from Ikea. If it does not fit in there, I’ll have to decide if I want to keep that item, or find something else I’m willing to part with.
Clothing is the same thing. If I haven’t worn it in 2 years, I just have to admit I will probably not wear it again and it either gets tossed or donated. You know those jeans you’ve been holding on to for 5 years to wear again when you lose those last 10 lbs? Maybe it’s time to admit it’s just not going to happen. And if it does, you definitely deserve to buy yourself a new pair any way. (smile)
I love using tuperware continers of all sizes to keep my stuff organized and I label everything. I have large containers for my Christmas decorations, Easter, Halloween, etc. I also have smaller containers for my parties. I have one for candles, tooth picks and straws, and I use one for a junk container. You know all those pens, elastics and paper clips floating around the house? Perfect solution!
If you know where to find stuff, or you can find things easily, you’ll save tons of time, money (since you’re not going out and buying it again) and you’ll feel a lot more calm.

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